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SnakeSounds: 6/1 vs. Marlins

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We just kept battling. Huddie gave up some runs early, but he kept us in it. He gave us a chance to battle back, and we just fought... You've got to play all 27 outs - and we used every single one of them.
-- Justin Upton

For five innings, that was among the worst baseball I've seen, all round, from the Diamondbacks in a long time. It looks pretty unlikely we'd pull this one out of the bag, and there was a real chance it would end our stay in first-place. However, that was not counting the startling spirit of this team, which has made comebacks and one-run wins its currency. Arizona knocked off the four runs needed, took the lead, blew the lead, then walked it off, courtesy of everyone's favorite outfielder*, Justin Upton. After Kirk Gibson, we hear from the main players: Daniel Hudson, Justin Upton and J.J. Putz

* - Not valid for readers.

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