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'Pit Your Wits: Week 9


Ah, summer is nearly here, which means two things: baseball, and, more importantly, no school. No school means moar time to devote to 'Pit Your Wits, which means awesomer challenges. I'm still fairly certain that I'm going to run two seasons of PYW per MLB season, split at the All-Star Break, so keep that in mind. You'll find a new challenge after the jump, along with a newly-formatted leaderboard. Plus, the winners are always nice to take a gander at, for last week's Diamondbacks-in-five-words-or-fewer challenge. See you there.



Counsellmember took a solid third this week, joining the fray with this little quip:

"Why'd it have t'be Snakes?" 

* * *


blank_38 showed up on the leaderboard once again, taking home the Silver Wailord with the following (sad) truth:

"Keeping useless veterans since 1998."

* * *

Congrats to both TylerO and Clefo this week, as both of them took home golds for their entries. I fancied both, and without futher adieu, here's TylerO's:

"We survived Organizational Advocacy!"

And the other winner, Clefo's entry:

"Get off bandwagon, frontrunning prick."

* * *
Total Points
1 JustAJ 1 2 - 7
2 Jim McLennan 1 1 1 6
3-4 [two tied] - - - 5
5-11 [seven tied] - - - 3
12 -15 [four tied] - - - 2
16-26 [eleven tied] - - - 1

Look how compact that fella is! I decided a leaderboard of 26 is not only really lame to retype this week (the SBN Editor has terrible support for editing old tables, or I'm an idiot [the two aren't mutually exclusive]), but it's a lot easier to read this way. It rewards those that stand out from the pack and makes my life a teensy bit easier, so I'll be rolling with this for the future. Don't worry, though, I still have the expanded standings nestled safely under my tree in Google Docs, so your score's still recorded. Anyway, nothing huge to note this week; both TylerO and blank_38 moved into the 3/4 spots with their medals this week, while AJ and Jim still sit atop the 'board.

Moving on to this week's challenge, as I look to alternate between the lexical and numerical...

This week's challenge will be gauged on the amount of the following you get correct; for that reason, there will probably be a fair amount of ties, but that's cool with me. I don't mind the standings getting shaken up! Pick which you think is more likely, and post the corresponding letters in order. Each stats refer to this week's numbers: season stats are irrelevant.

Who will have the better ERA this week: Barry Enright (A) or Joe Saunders (B)?

Who will hit more home runs this week: Wily Mo Pena (A) or Paul Goldschmidt (B)?

Who will win more games this week: the Diamondbacks (A) or the Aces (B)?

Who will strike out more this week: Tyler Skaggs (A) or Jarrod Parker (B)?

Who will collect more stolen bases this week: Kelly Johnson (A) or Justin Upton (B)?

Also, if you foresee a tie in any of the categories, use "T" as your answer. For example, a proper response could be "BATAA", meaning you'd be taking Saunders, Pena, a tie, Skaggs, and KJ. Gogogo!

Get your answers in before tomorrow's Diamondbacks game and you'll be eligible. I've got exams next week, so there's a good chance that PYW won't be up until fourish next week. I'm sure you're all crushed. See you then. ♥