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Gameday Thread, #72: 6/18 vs. White Sox


John Danks
LHP, 2-8, 4.54


Zach Duke
LHP, 1-1, 4.56

Last night's game showcased why Arizona can feel very comfortable about the front of their rotation. This afternoon's might help show whether the same can be said for the back end. Zach Duke has alternated good and bad outings thus far: that should mean he is line for a good one, but I can't say I feel incredibly comfortable relying on this for tonight's game. Well, the opposing starter is 2-8, so I guess that must means he sucks, right? </bumgarnered>

No line-up at time of posting, since I'm doing this one several hours in advance of first pitch. By the time you see this, I will be seriously embedded on the front lines at Coach & WIllie's, along with the rest of the SnakePitFesters, as we get our heckling voices in good shape for whatever poor, unsuspecting schmuck is going to be patrolling left-field for the White Sox this afternoon. Almost certainly Juan Pierre, who has started 67 of the first 71 games for Chicago. Plenty of scope for creative, yet family-friendly expression there. Wikipedia tells us, "He is referenced by American rapper Jay-Z in the Beyonce song Deja Vu - "I used to run base like Juan Pierre"." Hmm...

That aside, we can hopefully win, and keep the pressure on, not just the Giants but the other teams in the NL wild-card race. Too early to be looking at that? Never too early, I reckon. I'll be back with pics and an eyewitness report when we get back from the game, at some point tonight. Keep an eye out for the loud bunch in Section 136: that'll be us!