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SnakeSounds: 6/14 vs. Giants

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It's the second straight game [Collmenter's] pitch-count got up there in five innings. You've got to give the opponents credit, they grind him out a little bit, foul some balls off, laying off some pitches they weren't laying off earlier.
-- Kirk Gibson

Damn close. In the end, a couple of errors - mental or otherwise - were the difference between the teams, not least Miguel Montero's pickoff throw which allowed the Giants to pad their lead to 5-0. However, given his three-run homer was a large part of the comeback, we can't condemn him too much. Josh Collmenter struggled again with putting opponents away: this is feeling a bit like Max Scherzer v2.0. After Gibson, we have Collmenter, Montero and D-backs draftee Trevor Bauer, who has been in attendance at Chase today.

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