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Gameday Thread, #66: 6/12 vs. Marlins


Daniel Hudson
RHP, 6-5, 3.98


Brad Hand
LHP, 0-1, 1.50

Early Sunday morning baseball. What could be better? Well, we'll take that list as read, shall we? Suffice it to say, this is one of those "GDTs being written the night before," which as a result is unable to contain any meaningful information about the line-up. I can, however, confidently state that there will be nine players in it. Maybe something like this [please note, this line-up is entirely speculatory and is not for real]

  1. SS Bloomquist
  2. 2B Johnson
  3. RF Upton
  4. CF Young
  5. 1B Miranda
  6. 3B Mora
  7. LF Parra
    C Blanco
  8. RHP Hudson

The question is, what would be unusual about the above line-up?

The answer is, it does not contain any of the most common letter in the alphabet, E. It doesn't appear we have actually rolled out an E-less starting nine yet, but we have come close more than once. Most recently would be on May 22 against the Twins, when Roberts started at third instead of Mora [we also had the equally vowel-less Nady in left-field instead of Parra]. I don't think it can have happened too often in baseball history, but only three of our 13 current position players can boast an E in their surnames. We're the only NL West team capable of fielding such a team - all the others don't have enough E-less catchers or outfielders.

Anyhoo... A win this afternoon would seal us at least a split of the series, and put the pressure on the Giants, as they face the Reds again later in the day. Time to get Hudson back onto the winning track, as he has received a no-decision in both his appearances this month. Bullpen should be well rested too, with only the still-suspended Vasquez, and perhaps Heilman, unavailable. Putz was apparently available today, depending on how his back felt: it has been a while since we've seen him, the last occasion was blowing the save against Pittsburgh four days ago. But I'd settle for a nice blowout win.

Rockstarr12 on her first recap! Looking forward to that: hopefully we can get a nice multi-hit game for Ryan Roberts for here to write about. I'll be drifting along later...