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'Pit Your Wits: Week 10 (update: two more sets to give away!)

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Update (6/11): We now have two more sets to give away, so the top five scoring entries will receive copies. Woohoo!
Update (6/16): Just pushing this back to the front page for a last few hours, for any final votes or stories.

Schoooool's oooooout (in Vegas)! It is June 9th (albeit pretty late on June 9th due to my inability to properly schedule a post), meaning my summer is officially here, but more importantly, it also means there's some fine 'Pit Your Wittage to be had on this fine Thursday morning afternoon. We actually have a tangible prize to give away this week, which is pretty awesome, so you'll find that after the jump as well as the detailed results for last week's challenge. There's a leaderboard there with the scores of everyone who participated, so be sure to check it out to see where you ranked (odds are, you placed in the top three). Intro done, see you guys after the jump.

No real Metallic Wailords handed out this week, as it's much cleaner and simpler to provide you guys with a nice chart so everyone can see how they did. The correct answers were as follows: Joe Saunders (B) outpitched Barry Enright, going seven scoreless to Barry's three runs over five; Paul Goldschmidt (B) outslugged Reno's Wily Mo Pena, hitting two bombs to Wily Mo's goose egg; the Aces (B) were the more frequent victors, winning four of six to its parent's two of six; Visalia's Tyler Skaggs (A) rung up nine over seven to top Jarrod Parker's six over five; finally, Justin Upton (B) stole a base, something that Kelly Johnson cannot say (both were also caught once a piece). Typically, you laugh at those that test and bubble in a given letter all the way down, smugly mocking their inability to do any of the questions on the test. This is not one of those tests, as both soco and TylerO took first with their BBBBB guesses. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo. A whole bunch of people took second, while a fair amount took third as well. A few poor souls also missed all five. I originally had the massive list here, but here's an image instead so there's room for everything else. Moving on to the leaderboard:


# Total Points
1 TylerO 2 1 - 8
2 JustAJ 1 2 - 7
3 Three tied - - - 6
6 jonny-yuma 0 2 1 5
7 Four tied - - - 4
11 Six tied - - - 3
17 Ten tied - - - 2
27 Nine tied - - - 1


I suppose it was only a matter of time before the JustAJ dynasty came to a screaming halt, as TylerO's found his way into the first slot, poised to take PYW: Season One (ok, so there's a couple of months remaining, whatever). Jim, the former second-place holder, finds himself with blank_38 and soco in third, while everyone else finds themselves in a mystery rank. For anyone curious, the full standings can be found on Google Docs here. Now, onto this week's pretty 

As most of you (probably don't) know, Father's Day is coming up here pretty soon, as the third Sunday in June will be a week from this upcoming Sunday on the 19th. To celebrate this totally awesome holiday, A&E Home Entertainment is allowing us to give away three sets of The Arizona Diamondbacks: 2001 World Series Collector's Edition DVD Set to the winners of this week's contest. Yeah, this pretty much means that  PYW is awesome (alright, it actually means there are some pretty cool people out there letting us do this, but let me have my moment). So, what sorta stats will you have to guess to earn yourself one of these bad boys? None, because this one's gonna be special.

Baseball not only has its roots deeply ingrained in the history of this country, but in the lives of the innumerable fans that it has as well. The sport is often introduced to us as children, and, stereotypically, it's introduced by our fathers, the men that lead us and show us just how great the sport is. For this week's contest, I'd like to see everyone's best story involving their dads and baseball (or parents, if necessary). It can be where you were first shown the awesomeness that is baseball, a memorable game you attended with your dad, or whatever else comes to mind. I'd just like to see what sort of awesome stories you guys have about your dads that you never had the chance to tell -- now's your chance!

You have until 11:59 MST to get your answers in. The three winners will be determined by the three most-rec'd submissions. Because this week's contest is probably going to require some more work than weeks past, I'd really appreciate it if you guys would make heavy use of the rec function. For those unfamiliar, just hit "actions" under a post you like, click "Rec", and your vote will be recorded. If there are any ties, the editors will have the final say over the winning submissions. Now, get to writing!