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SnakeSounds: 5/31 vs. Marlins

I wasn't throwing strikes. It was just bad. Bad everything by me. It was frustrating. I wanted to continue the streak, but it wasn't my night.
-- Ian Kennedy
All good things must come to an end - that refers both to the Diamondbacks' winning streak and to the month of May. It may have finished in defeat, but also ends with the team in an unexpected, but very welcome position atop the NL West. If Kennedy wasn't as sharp as previously, we ran into a buzz-saw in the shape of Anibal Sanchez. As Kirk Gibson said, It's one of those games where you tip your cap and move on - to what looks like a much more promising match-up tomorrow. As noted, recap will be late, since Sprankton has been making his way back from Chase. In the meantime, here's Gibson, Kennedy and Kelly Johnson on the end of the run.

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