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SnakeSounds: 5/8 vs Padres

Miggy wanted a 1-2 heater up and in, and I made my pitch and I didn't think he was going to swing at it - that pitch was meant to set up another pitch. In that situation I was just tipping my cap... Really, when you make your pitch and the guy gets on top of it and hits it out of the ballpark, you tip your cap and say, "Hey, got to move on."
-- Joe Saunders
The Diamondbacks have now conceded 30 first-inning runs in 33 games - a rate of 0.91 per game. To put that into context, remember how bad the ninth inning was last year? Only 0.75 per game. It's also worth noting that when this team falls into an early hole, it tends to stay there: the Diamondbacks' record is 3-9 when trailing at the end of the first. Four more today, courtesy of some weak pitching from Joe Saunders. He has now gone seven games to open the season without a win: that's tied for fifth on the D-backs all-time list [Since 2004, only Yusmeiro Petit's nine in 2009 beats Saunders]. Here's Kirk Gibson, Saunders and Miguel Montero.

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