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SnakeSounds: Sinko de Tulo, vs. Rockies

He threw a fastball away, and I hit it - I knew it was a fly-ball, but I was begging for it to get down, and it did.
-- Justin Upton
I might have said this before, but I think it bears repeating: suck it, Tulo-verated. 0-for-21 against the D-backs this year. If any other teams needs tips, I'm sure we'd be happy to oblige. A very sweet victory, as Upton punks Colorado yet again: our first when trailing after eight innings, having previously been 0-15 in that situation. It was also the Rockies' first loss when leading after six, seven or eight innings this year. So gotta love sticking it to them. A lot of audio tonight: we have Kirk Gibson, Ian Kennedy, Justin Upton and Chris Young, then we have some last thoughts (for now) from Barry Enright, and the returning Aaron Heilman.

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