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'Pit Your Wits: Week 5


'Tis Thursday, loyal 'Pitters, meaning it's 'Pit Your Wits day. We have a bunch of winners this week and a bunch of new entrants on the leaderboard, which will continue to make me rage as time goes on (I have to remake the leaderboard each week like a nub). Anyway, I'm rambling now. Hit the jump to see if you were one of the lucky winners, and if so, see how it shook up the rankings!



kishi and jaydubsped both took home bronzes with guesses of 23 earned runs, while Dallas D'back Fan's guess of 19 earned him a bronze as well. All three of the bronze medalists this week are new to the leaderboard, too, so congrats to you guys!

* * *


With guesses of 22 earned runs, jonny-yuma and JustAJ took home silvers to improve their respective rankings on the leaderboard, while IHateSouthBend took one as well with a guess of 20 to get himself into the rankings.


Yet again, we had some 'Pitters hit the nail on the head, with two of y'all guessing the 21 earned runs straight-up. Congratulations to Jim McLennan and justin1985, the latter of which is making his debut on the board below. Speaking of which, let's take a gander at the updated standings!

Total Points
JustAJ 1 2 - 7
Jim McLennan 1 1 - 5
luckycc 1 - - 3
Diamondhacks - 1 1 3
piratedan7 1 - - 3
jonny-yuma - 1 1 3
justin1985 1 - - 3
UAWildcats - 1 - 2
IHateSouthBend - 1 - 2
Dallas D'back Fan - - 1 1
kishi - - 1 1
torpedosneak - - 1 1
emilylovesthedbacks - - 1 1
DbacksSkins - - 1 1
jaydubsped - - 1 1

JustAJ continues to reign atop the 'board, though Jim's gold keeps him firmly in second. There won't be a whole lot to discern from these rankings, as four weeks isn't enough to really let the pros separate themselves from the slightly-less-pro. To those that have yet to play, I encourage you to go ahead and get your guess in this week. It's just a few seconds of your time, but the payoff of a Golden Wailord is completely worth it. A Golden Wailord.

Kelly Johnson's struggles have been noted by many. What will he bat this week (three @San Diego, two @ San Francisco; currently batting .176)?

Again, no midnight deadline - so long as you can get your entry posted before the start of tomorrow's game against San Diego, you'll be in the running. Today's game will not count towards the total, so feel free to submit now!