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SnakeBytes 5/4: Nerds Edition

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In case you didn't know, today is Star Wars day. Why today? It's that kind of pun that just makes nerds giggle to themselves incessantly. I mean, uh, I'd guess. I certainly wouldn't know, right? Yeah.


DBacks News:

Around Baseball:

  • [LA Times] Dodgers lack funds to meet payroll - The Dodgers can meet their first payroll this month, but not their second. That's including the $30 million loan that they just got. This certainly adds a new twist to the faceoff with MLB, and McCourt's constant claims that everything is fine.

  • [] Twins' Francisco Liriano throws no-hitter - Liriano gave up six walks and only struck out two batters. Meanwhile, the White Sox starter pitched 8 innings, allowed only one run, and took the loss. Sort of reminds me of Edwin Jackson's no-hitter last year, which is appropriate, since Jackson was the starter for Chicago.

  • [Baseball Nation] Jonathan Broxton's Time Might Finally Be Up - "If Jonathan Broxton was a horse, they would shoot him." Couldn't have put it better myself. The Dodgers did announce today that big Jonathan Broxton would be shut down due to elbow pain.

  • [South Side Sox] Cascade Failure - An interesting article looking at the mental side of the game. Does stopping to think about what they're doing hinder a player?

Go DBacks, and May the Fourth be with you.