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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 8

A startling blow-out in the ESPN Game of the week leads to a shake-up at the top of Division 1. Here's the quick results; full recaps, standings and

AZ SnakePit 8, Sofa King Juiced 1
Alabama Slammers 6, Bad Wolf 4
Blonde Streaks 4, Mizzoula Osprey 6
Lady Gaga Regatta 4, Ignatius J. Rallies 6
The Fighting Amish 8, Whooping Zoidbergs 2
warlords 4, Los Wailoracles 4
Lil Bitches 0, Phoenix Platypi 9

AZ SnakePit 8, Sofa King Juiced 1
Despite Kershaw's 17 K and 0.60 ERA, 'Pit were lucky Sofa put up a 6.32 ERA. 'Pit did hit .323 for the week, with McCann (two HR) and Reyes (eight Runs) both batting .500 or better. Teixeira homered three times for Sofa and Dempter two W, but their only victory came from Kimbrel's three Sv.

Alabama Slammers 6, Bad Wolf 4
Leaders Slammers edged Wolf, with Hitter of the Week Jay Bruce (four HR, 13 RBI) countering three HR and nine RBI from Ibanez for Wolf, and allowing Slammers to take all but one hitting points. While Wolf did get two W from Sabathia and had a 2.10 ERA, a W + 10 from Hellickson let Slammer hold on.

Blonde Streaks 4, Mizzoula Osprey 6
Mizzoula swept hitting, batting .312 for the week, Braun scoring seven runs and Rollins driving in six - each man also stole three bases. Blonde fought back on the mound, Cole Hamels winning twice with 14 K's, but Walden saved four for Mizzoula, and that category was enough for the win.

Lady Gaga Regatta 4, Ignatius J. Rallies 6
Rallied edged Regatta in a low-offense match-up, neither side batting better than .250. Avila and Cabrera homered twice for Lady, and Heath Bell notched three Saves. However, Ignatius got six RBI and a .333 BA from Soriano, while Pitcher of the Week Gallardo posted two Wins, 14 K's and a 0.60 ERA.

The Fighting Amish 8, Whooping Zoidbergs 2
The Amish moved back into the top six with a comfortable victory. Ogando and Greinke each delivered a W + 10 K's as they took all five pitching points, though Cain fanned 11 for the Zoidbergs. They struggled offensively, driving in only 11, and Amish took hold: Cabrera had six RBI and Bautista two HR.

warlords 4, Los Wailoracles 4
Saves and RBI ended tied, and overall, this was a fair result. Crawford and Cruz netted a trio of HR each for war, Ianetta and Quentin driving in seven apiece for Los. They got a W and a Save from Axford, while war's pitching was led by Nolasco's Win and ten strikeouts - they also batted .306.

Lil Bitches 0, Phoenix Platypi 9
The ESPN game was a blowout, the Platypi finishing one SB short of a whitewash. Their offense got four HR and nine RBI from Hart, but they swept pitching too. Lohse had two W and 11 K's, and Putz four scoreless saves. For Lil, Granderson scored ten Runs and stole three bases.


Rank   Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1.   Alabama Slammers 54-22-4 .700 - 6-4-0 12 19
2.   AZ SnakePit 49-26-5 .644 4.5 8-1-1 5 6
3.   Mizzoula Osprey 50-28-2 .638 5 6-4-0 9 15
4.   Phoenix Platypi 45-31-4 .588 9 9-0-1 10 17
  Lil Bitches 44-30-6 .588 9 0-9-1 11 8
6.   The Fighting Amish 39-36-5 .519 14.5 8-2-0 4 20
7.   Los Wailoracles 35-38-7 .481 17.5 4-4-2 14 5
8.   Bad Wolf 37-41-2 .475 18 4-6-0 7 -
9.   Blonde Streaks 34-41-5 .456 19.5 4-6-0 1 16
10.   Ignatius J. Rallies 32-42-6 .438 21 6-4-0 13 12
  warlords 34-44-2 .438 21 4-4-2 2 3
12.   Sofa King Juiced 29-44-7 .406 23.5 1-8-1 8 17
13.   Whooping Zoidbergs 25-54-1 .319 30.5 2-8-0 3 6
14.   Lady Gaga Regatta 23-53-4 .313 31 4-6-0 6 8


Week 9 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. warlords
Alabama Slammers vs. Sofa King Juiced
Blonde Streaks vs. Bad Wolf
Lady Gaga Regatta vs. Mizzoula Osprey
The Fighting Amish vs. Ignatius J. Rallies
Lil Bitches vs. Los Wailoracles
Phoenix Platypi vs. Whooping Zoidbergs

With the top four facing the bottom four, we step down to Amish vs. Rallies for the ESPN Game of the Week. Reigning champions Amish started off terribly, with only one win in the first five rounds. But since, they've gone 23-5 and moved up to a playoff spot. Can they keep this up against the Rallies, who have kept things close, only once conceding more than six points this year?