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SnakeSounds: 5/27 vs. Astros

Just keep it rolling. That's the type of baseball we want to play. Keep everything in line, keep everything smooth, keep everything like it is, is a huge plus for us.
-- Ryan Roberts
Well, that was interesting. Fangraphs tells us we had a 2.5% chance of victory after the Astros' sixth run crossed the plate. But it ends with the seventh one-run victory for Arizona in the last 14 games - over that spell, they are 12-2, though have only outscored the opposition 66-54. As a contrast, the last time we had a 12-2 run was April 4-19, 2008, when we outscored the opposition 101-45. Is our current success sustainable? Probably not. But, boy, it's a hell of a fun team to watch. A lot of happy players to talk about this one. After Kirk Gibson, there's Daniel Hudson, Juan Miranda (he's the one speaking Spanish...) and Ryan Roberts.

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