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SnakeSounds: 5/25 vs. Rockies

Your only goal is to go out there and try to help [Kennedy] out, try to make a play, make it worth his while. He was out there battling, battling, battling, you don't want him to come out with a no-decision.
-- Chris Young
Hello, second-place - it has been a while since we've seen you. Outside the meaningless first ten games of a season, the first time Arizona has been in the top two since the end of 2008, in fact. Do I believe? Not quite yet. But now, I do at least believe I can believe, and that's a big step forward from the start of the year. Great pitching from Ian Kennedy, and some steller, clutch defense from Young in the eighth. That's two amazing, lead-saving plays in two days. Here's to us winning tomorrow and cementing second place. Discussing tonight's victory for your second-place Diamondbacks, are Kirk Gibson, Kennedy and Young.

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