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SnakeSounds: 5/24 vs. Rockies

I caught the ball and he hit me at the same time. I was just trying to focus on not letting him get to the plate. It's kind of a blur - I remember flipping over, and then I remember my head smoking the ground.
-- Joe Saunders
That could have gone worse. I think most of us would have settled for a split of today's double-header, and after the pasting taken by the bullpen in the opener, we really needed Saunders to deliver in the night-cap. That he did, both on the mound and charging to cover home-plate and keep Arizona in the lead, a play which seems certain to be a nominee for the 'Pitties come season-end. From the opener, we have Kirk Gibson, Josh Collmenter and Juan Gutierrez; the second game, it's Gibson and Saunders.

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