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SnakeSounds: 5/22 vs. Twins

It's not broke. Was just looking at the X-rays, and it's not broke - it is swollen up pretty good. We've got a day off tomorrow, got him out of the game, wanted to be sure, get it looked at real quick, keep the inflammation out of there. We'll have to evaluate him tomorrow or Tuesday, when we get there.
-- Kirk Gibson on Juan Miranda's wrist
The D-backs continue to do their best to fulfill prophecy. No, not that one: Kirk Gibson's prediction about the team winning their next six one-run games - they're up to five straight in that category, after today's squeaker. They've now played twenty games in May, thirteen of which were decided by the narrowest possible margin. Here's Gibson, Daniel Hudson, Juan Miranda (with a little translation help from Miggy!), Willie Bloomquist and J.J. Putz

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