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Gameday Thread, #46: 5/22 vs. Twins


Francisco Liriano
LHP, 3-5, 6.12


Daniel Hudson
RHP, 4-5, 4.03

SH,NR*... The last time the Diamondbacks won six in a row was so long ago, America had a white President. Back in April 2008, to be precise, when they reeled off eight victories, and we pushed to a 6.5 game lead over the rest of the NL West in the first month of the season. And we know how that worked out, don't we? This is just my way of saying that, in a 162-game season, it's almost harder to avoid a long streak of wins than not - in 2010, there were 36 separate instances of teams winning six in a row, by 21 different teams.

Not that we've won six yet, of course...

  1. Willie Bloomquist SS
  2. Ryan Roberts 3B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Chris Young CF
  5. Juan Miranda 1B
  6. Xavier Nady LF
  7. Kelly Johnson 2B
  8. Henry Blanco C
  9. Daniel Hudson RHP

A win today would take the Diamondbacks to .500, for the first time since Game #10. They face ZOMGZLiriano, who has managed to post a no-hitter, despite an ERA in all his other contests of 7.75. Roy Halladay aside, pitching a no-hitter over the past couple of seasons no longer seems to be much evidence of actual pitching skill. Drew and Parra get the day off, even though it would hardly seem Liriano fits the "tough leftie" definition, but Miranda gets to stick, and deservedly so. Only Roberts has a higher OPS this season - well, that and Henry "four homers, two other hits" Blanco.

We made it back from our film festival completely shattered but thoroughly satisfied, so hopefully the D-backs can let me see a win, as exciting as last night's - though a blowout would be welcome, and certainly a fewer number of errors! battlemoses is on recap, but can't actually watch, so it may end up being a me-recap. Awaiting word from him on that. See you all in the comments: let's go, five-oh-oh...

* = Still here, not raptured...