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SnakeSounds: 5/18 vs Braves

I just took off running and I glanced in after about three steps and I saw that McCann didn't know where the ball was, so I just kept running hard. First of all, I was just going to give it a hard turn, then I saw Proctor and him both break for the ball and saw an open plate so just took a chance.
-- Ryan Roberts

A stirring comeback for the Diamondbacks, who looked like they were going to succumb after allowing a run in the top of the 11th, only to score two in the bottom. Some great defense, helped by some dodgy Atlanta base-running, and a good outing from Joe Saunders, which deserved better than a no-decision, led to an unexpected triumph. We have Kirk Gibson, wild-pitch wonder Roberts, producer of the game-winning hit Justin Upton and new Diamondback Sean Burroughs discusses his call-up.

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