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SnakePitFest v4.1: Tickets Now On Sale

With all the kerfuffle yesterday, I thought it best to hold back on this until today. I am delighted to announce that SnakePitFest 4.1 will take place at Chase Field on June 18th, when our Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Chicago White Sox. We'll be occupying our usual bullpen reserve seats for the game, and the first 15,000 fans get a free D-backs trucker cap, courtesy of KTAR. Woo-hoo!

If you're already sold on the concept click the button below to buy your tickets - for the rest of you, there are more details after the jump. Buy now, while stocks last! [Sold out!]

At the moment, tickets are limited to 25, and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. So buy now, while stocks last. However, if necessary, it should - emphasis on "should" - be a bit easier to get add-ons this time if necessary. At least, compared to last year, when it was Gonzo Retirement Night and the game was a sell-out. So feel free to invite friends, family, etc. The more the merrier! [And the louder... Do not attend this event if you are the type of person who stares disapprovingly at fans who cheer vociferously for their team]

Tickets are $10.50 each. That's a little more than last year, as the 'half-price' games are now midweek ones, but still represents a solid discount over the $17.00 + $3.25 Ticketbastard fee per seat it would cost, if you went through the Diamondbacks website. I can mail tickets out to people on request, but I'd rather not, in case of lossage, etc. Delivery is usually at the pre-game meet-up, which has been at Sliders, but I really want to find somewhere else this year. A place with a) decent beer and b) food at non-extortionate prices would be an immediate improvement. I'm working on that angle, see if we can't sort something out. It'll probably depend how many people are showing up.