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SnakeSounds: 5/17 vs. Padres [non-Galarraga edition]

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That first inning, they were just sitting on fastballs. You've got to do something different if they're going just to lean out over the plate... I threw a lot of good sliders, I was trying to mix it up, give them different looks.
-- Daniel Hudson
As well as the bolt of lightning which struck Armando Galarraga this evening, there was also a sublimely well-pitched game by Daniel Hudson [admittedly, with a bit of help from the third-base umpire]. So, after Kirk Gibson, we have Hudson discussing his outing, as well as Miguel Montero - "Finally, I got a good throw!" laughs Miggy, apologetically. Finally, we have Derrick Hall and Bob Melvin talking about the latter's return to the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.

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