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SnakeSounds: 5/12 vs. Giants

"If I was, it wouldn’t be any of your business. I’d let you know if I was and I wanted you to know."
-- Gibson, asked by Nick Piecoro if he is considering a change in the rotation

I haven't got the audio yet from after this afternoon's game. It may show up later (yesterday's eventually rolled in post-midnight, so I didn't bother with it), but before 'Pit Your Wits shows up, wanted to post the clip of the pre-game conference in which Gibby bites Nick Piecoro's head off. "Let me assure it, it was a doozy of a pregame session, as I'm sure you the tone of Gibson's answer there would lead you to believe," Tweeted Nick.

One wonders if we will see an epic blow-up from Gibson - like the one where he got ejected - against the media at some point this season. Makes me glad to be writing this from Das SnakePitBunker.

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