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Introducing ... 'Pit Your Wits: Week 1


‘Sup, everyone? In what will be the first of many, today marks the inaugural "‘Pit Your Wits" competition, a weekly game where all of you SnakePitters get to compete against each other in a variety of different challenges - think of it like a game show, only instead of some sorta cool host, you’re stuck with me. Then, stop being so negative and hit the jump to see just what PYW has in store.

Each Thursday, a new challenge will be posted, and each will vary in focus; some may be open-ended (for instance, compose a poem related to the Diamondbacks) and some may be more narrowly-focused (eg, a satirical article on the bullpen). I have a few more ideas for challenges to hold, but I’m welcome to any and all suggestions for new ones.

So, how do you win? Being a community contest, the judges are the participants. If you think someone’s entry is worthy of being crowned one of the best, Rec it (more on Rec’ing here - basically, click the "Rec" button at the bottom of someone’s post to add to its tally). The top three submissions will be finalized on Wednesday night at 11:59PST, and the three victors will get points depending on where they placed: first will get three points, second two, and third one. I’ll keep a running leaderboard that’ll show up each in each week’s post along with a repost of the previous week’s winners.

There aren’t any tangible prizes, per se, but I can one-up those sorts of contests by providing Internet glory (the best kind), as you’ll be immortalized as the winner - along with your entry - each week. If that’s not enough, I even have some fancy e-medals to give out. I designed them myself and my mom even put them on the fridge, so you know they’re legit.

I invite everyone here to participate, as it’ll only get more fun as the leaderboard and participant pool increases in size. If any lurkers out there were looking to find a place to ease themselves into the community, here’s a great chance to do so (and show off your talent at the same time!). I think this’ll be a fun new feature and I look forward to seeing the creative genius of everyone here. That being said, let’s kick this off with the first challenge...

Compose a haiku or limerick based on your current thoughts on the 2011 Diamondbacks season.

Remember, submissions are cut off Wednesday at 11:59PST, and the top three most-rec’d submissions (comments) will be the winners. You can submit as many as you’d like, but only your highest-scoring comment will count. Good luck to everyone, and see you next Thursday!