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Hello, My Name Is... v2.0

SnakePitFest v3.0
SnakePitFest v3.0

It has been three years since the original version of the post, in which members introduced themselves, so with this being the first scheduled off-day, I figured it was a good chance for a re-start. If you've been lurking - and I know a lot of you have! - now would be an excellent time to join the community and say "Hi". We don't bite. [Gently nibble, perhaps, but rarely draw blood. ;-)] If you're looking for a template to get you started, there's one below, but feel free to use any format.

Favorite Current Diamondback:
Favorite All-Time Diamondback:
At-Bat Music:
When Not SnakePitting, I... :
Favorite Baseball Movie:
Random Factoid of Interest: