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SnakeSounds: April 29th vs. Cubs

He pitched a great game. Seven innings, gave up three runs, all on home runs. He was very efficient with his pitches, controlling the zone, but didn't get those pitches where he wanted to. He pitched good enough to win, c'mon. I've got no problem with that at all. We had our chances as well - didn't execute on the other side of the ball. We're working on some things, we're not where we need to be: we'll keep patient, keep working on it and we'll get better.
-- Kirk Gibson

Armando Galarraga has made five starts and allowed 11 HR. That's a number not surpassed over a team's first 25 games since Jim Deshaies allowed a dozen for the '94 Twins (and that was in one more appearance). Curiously, eleven is the number also allowed in his first five D-backs pitching coach, Charles Nagy, with the '98 Indians.

Here are Kirk Gibson, Galarraga, Justin Upton and Miguel Montero on tonight's defeat.

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