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Diamondbacks-Rockies Game Postponed Due To Weather. That's A Shock.

Is that a polar-bear in the distance?
Is that a polar-bear in the distance?

Yeah, so whose brilliant idea was it to have the opening series of the year in Denver? Currently, it's 83 degrees in Phoenix, partly cloudy, zephyr-like winds from the West - an ideal day to play at Chase with the roof open, which is just about guaranteed in Arizona at this time of year. But, noooo... The baseball schedulers decide we have to go to Colorado: and this afternoon, we see the results, as the game is postponed due to a mixture of snow and rain. Hey, at least it means we don't lose the opening series!

Fortunate, too, that we're now on our way back home, where the weather won't be a problem at al... Oops, my mistake: turned over two series in the schedule at once. Chicago, it is then...

I'm curious to see what the wipe-out is going to do to the rotation. The unscheduled off-day means we could skip someone in the rotation, because of the off-day on Thursday. I imagine Joe Saunders will still pitch tomorrow morning in Chicago, but Barry Enright or Armando Galarraga could be use Tuesday, with Kennedy working, after his normal rest, on Wednesday. I can't see the team wanting to push Kennedy back to Friday, which would mean him pitching then on six days rest rather than four. I imagine they'll probably look at the two candidates and work out which one they don't want pitching in Wrigley.

It was quite a quick hook on the game today, being canceled almost at the time of first pitch, but it makes sense for Arizona, who have to whizz up to Chicago and get a quick turnaround for a day game in the morning. We'll see if Melvin Mora is in the line-up tomorrow. He was a late scratch from today's game due to "illness": which I think is a polite way of saying, many Diamondbacks fans are already sick of him. :-) No make-up date announced for the game. The remaining trips to Coors are May 24-26 and Sep. 5-7: the former one has an off-day before it, so that would avoid scheduling a double-header.

We'll be back this evening with the first SnakePit round-table of the regular season, in which our authors weigh in on the opening series, the wisdom of scheduling the season in Colorado and Illinois, and fearlessly give their predictions for all the division winners.