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SnakeBytes 4/3: Quiet Edition

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Insert your maple bats rant here.
Insert your maple bats rant here.

Hey, win or lose, that was at least an entertaining game.


  • [AZ Central] Colorado Rockies even series with Arizona Diamondbacks - No real explanation of the arguing between Parra and De La Rosa, but Gibby, unsurprisingly, is fine with it. "If you're competing and you're intense, I have no problem with that at all. I'd certainly rather see that than the opposite."

  • [Fox Sports Arizona] D-Backs fall to Rockies - I'm slightly confused- Colorado is more arid than, say, the desert they just spent a month and a half practicing in? Also, news on why Jimenez was ineffective on Friday- a cracked cuticle. Look, I'm sure that hurts a lot, but it does make me laugh a little bit.

  • [Denver Post] Rockies catch first win of season, but De La Rosa leaves early - So, a cracked cuticle and a blister affect the first two starters of the season for the Rockies. "The Rockies don't need a manager. They need a manicurist." Dear Rockies: You guys are making it too easy to make fun of you. Seriously, there's no challenge anymore, and that takes the fun out of it. Well, most of the fun.

  • [DBacks Central] Ninth Inning Rally Falls Just Short - Literally just short, by a few feet. Which, I have to admit, that's the sort of loss that's easier to handle than getting demolished by a dozen runs. At least we had some hope here.

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