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Diamondbacks Farm Round-Up: April 27th

Not a whole lot of action for the minor league affiliates, as Reno had the night off, Mobile’s double-header was postponed due to rain, and South Bend was also post-poned due to rain. However, Visalia did play and won their game 10-7.

Snakelet of the Day:
Adam Eaton (Hi-A): 2-3, 2B and 3 SB

Hi-A: Visalia 10, Bakersfield 7. Down 5-7, Visalia rallied in a crazy ninth, putting up a crooked 5 spot to win the game. Since this was the only action of the day, I’m just going to go ahead and just post the whole play-by-play for the top of the ninth inning:

  • Raoul Torrez strikes out swinging. Passed ball by catcher Mark Fleury. Raoul Torrez to 1st.
  • David Nick singles on a ground ball to left fielder Josh Fellhauer. Raoul Torrez to 2nd.
  • Chris Owings walks. Raoul Torrez to 3rd. David Nick to 2nd.
  • With Adam Eaton batting, passed ball by Mark Fleury, Raoul Torrez scores. David Nick to 3rd. Chris Owings to 2nd.
  • Adam Eaton hit by pitch.
  • Pitcher Change: Doug Salinas replaces Andrew Bowman.
  • Matthew Davidson singles on a ground ball to center fielder Andrew Means. David Nick scores. Chris Owings scores. Adam Eaton to 2nd.
  • Bobby Borchering singles on a ground ball to center fielder Andrew Means. Adam Eaton scores. Matthew Davidson to 2nd.
  • Rossmel Perez out on a sacrifice bunt, pitcher Doug Salinas to first baseman Chris Richburg. Matthew Davidson to 3rd. Bobby Borchering to 2nd.
  • Jon Owings singles on a ground ball to third baseman Eric Campbell. Matthew Davidson scores. Bobby Borchering to 3rd.
  • Brent Greer grounds into a force out, shortstop Jose Gualdron to second baseman Henry Rodriguez. Bobby Borchering scores. Jon Owings out at 2nd. Brent Greer advances to 2nd, on throwing error by second baseman Henry Rodriguez.
  • Raoul Torrez grounds out, pitcher Doug Salinas to first baseman Chris Richburg.

In summary, Bakersfield’s defense was extremely sloppy, and cost them the game.

Chris Owings had a homer, a walk and a stolen base. Matt Davidson went 2-5. The first half of the Rawhide’s pitchers had rough nights, with starting pitcher Derek Eitel giving up 5 earned runs in 2 ⅓ innings, and Christopher Odegaard giving up 2 earned runs in 2 ⅓ innings. Yonata Ortega and Diogenes Rosario combined for four scoreless innings to cap off the end of the game

That's it for yesterday's action. On a personal note, I’ve been working hard as the Dbacks writer over at the Phoenix page for If you don’t already go over there, please check it out. It’s my livelyhood at the moment, and the more hits the better. I will be doing these recaps three times a week for the ‘pit, with the occasional random article here as well. Just wanted to say it's good to be back!