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'Pit Your Wits: Week 4


Onto week four we go with the USS PYW, complete with brand-new awards, as the previous Wailord ribbons were simply too big. So, I cut them in half and really got to the narcissistic point. You'll see those after the break, as well as the result of last week's challenge, where all of y'all had to guess how many runs our beloved Diamondbacks would score in the seven games between last week's post and this one. We actually had one guy hit the numbers of runs (28) right on the head, so hit the jump and check out the updated standings along with this week's challenge!


torpedosneak and emilylovesthedbacks both took home the bronze, with guesses of 30 and 26 runs scored, respectively. Not bad, especially considering emily went with the second-most, er "conservative" (if not pessimistic) prediction of the pool!

* * *


JustAJ (last week's gold-winner) and UAWildcats took home silver, with guesses of 27 and 29, respectively. The silver was significant for AJ, as you'll see as we move on with the post.

* * *


piratedan7 was the c-c-c-combo breaker, as no one shared this week's gold with him; being the only poster to guess the 28 runs on the dot, he takes the Golden Wailord and the three points that go along with it and stashes them all for himself. Welcome to the leaderboard, broski.


Total Points
JustAJ 1 1 - 5
luckycc 1 - - 3
Diamondhacks - 1 1 3
piratedan7 1 - - 3
Jim McLennan - 1 - 2
UAWildcats - 1 - 2
DbacksSkins - - 1 1
jonny-yuma - - 1 1
torpedosneak - - 1 1
emilylovesthedbacks - - 1 1


After three weeks of play, JustAJ is now the top dog, edging past luckycc to put the target firmly upon his back. Now, you may be wondering, "why, Wailord, why would anyone really be on top of this leaderboard?" - and the answer to that? You get e-cred, and I've said before, there's no sort of cred more valuable than e-cred. Anyway, we also saw four more 'Pitters join the leaderboard, as the list continues to expand. Speaking of which, I'm liking this whole stat prediction sorta deal for the challenges. It opens it up to a lot more people, we get a lot more participation, and it's a lot easier to find the time to enter. Moving forward, I'll probably be using this sort of challenge as the norm, with more artsy challenges being spread out. Now that that's been said, here's what you guys have to best each other at this week...

How many earned runs will the Diamondbacks pitching (including bullpen) give up this week's PYW time period (3 vs. Cubs, 2 vs. Rockies; team ERA is 5.05)?

There's no real point of a midnight deadline as I did last week - so long as you can get your entry posted before the start of tomorrow's game against Chicago, you'll be in the running. Today's game will not count towards the total, so don't delay in submitting!