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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Div 1, Week 3

Week Three saw an undeniable tightening at the top. After this week's results, only two points separate the top five teams,

AZ SnakePit 6, Lady Gaga Regatta 2
Alabama Slammers 6, Blonde Streaks 3
The Fighting Amish 8, Los Wailoracles 1
Ignatius J. Rallies 4, Phoenix Platypi 5
Mizzoula Osprey 5, Lil Bitches 5
Bad Wolf 6, warlords 4
Sofa King Juiced 4, Whooping Zoidbergs 5

AZ SnakePit 6, Lady Gaga Regatta 2
Lady got three HR and seven RBI from Zobrist, but those were there only two category wins: K's and SB ended tied. Otherwise, SnakePit had an easy win, led by Scherzer (two W, 14 K - numbers matched by Price for Lady) and Boggs (three Saves). The 'Pit pitchers racked up seven wins and a sub-three ERA for the week.

Alabama Slammers 6, Blonde Streaks 3
The Slammers notched 75 K's and a collective 1.08 WHIP, with Pitcher of the Week Shields (two W, 16 K) and Halladay (17 K) their aces on the mound. That allowed them to sweep pitching, and they got three HR from Youkilis to complete the victory. Martin (two HR, five RBI, five R) was the best of Blonde's players this round.

The Fighting Amish 8, Los Wailoracles 1
Reigning champs Amish finally kickstarted their season with the week's biggest win, crushing Los. Hitter of the Week Bautista had four HR and scored ten (though only managed four RBI), while they got 13 K's from Marcum, and a W and a Sv from Lyon. Quentin had three HR, and his five RBI helped Los to their only success here.

Ignatius J. Rallies 4, Phoenix Platypi 5
The Platypi took all five pitching points, the rallies all the hitting ones...except SB, which ended level at four, and that was the difference-maker. Johnson's Win and 15 strikeouts was key to the former, and Johnson (Platypi) was the only player here to homer more than once. Gallardo had a W and seven K's for the Rallies.

Mizzoula Osprey 5, Lil Bitches 5
The game of the week lived up to expectations, ending in a thrilling tie after Osprey snatched WHIP by the margin of 0.01, with all the counting categories won by four or less. Braun (3 HR, 9 RBI, 9 R) led Osprey, with Lincecum getting a W + 16 K. For Lil, Granderson and Beltre each homered three times, and a tie seems fair.

Bad Wolf 6, warlords 4
Wolf edged war, and moved up to second-place as a result, in an offensively-light duel - the teams combined for less than thirty runs, but both delivered ERAs below 2.30 for this round. Anderson had two W + 14 K's, and Papelbon saved three for war; Pujols had three HR for Wolf, while Lackey had a W + nine K's.

Sofa King Juiced 4, Whooping Zoidbergs 5
Zoidbergs pounded out a dozen homers, led by three from Wright, and came within one SB of a sweep at the dish. Juiced struck back on pitching, with Kimbrel notching the only two saves here, though neither side got their ERA below five. Rauch's vulture win for the Zoidbergs helped them take that category, and with it, this round.


Rank   Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1.   Lil Bitches 20-8-2 .700 - 5-5-0 14 3
2.   Bad Wolf 20-10-0 .667 1 6-4-0 10 -
3.   Alabama Slammers 19-10-1 .650 1.5 6-3-1 1 10
4.   Mizzoula Osprey 19-10-1 .650 1.5 5-5-0 12 8
5.   AZ SnakePit 18-10-2 .633 2 6-2-2 6 4
6.   Phoenix Platypi 16-13-1 .550 4.5 5-4-1 13 8
7.   Los Wailoracles 14-13-3 .517 5.5 1-8-1 8 1
8.   The Fighting Amish 14-14-2 .500 6 8-1-1 5 10
9.   warlords 13-17-0 .433 8 4-6-0 3 -
10.   Sofa King Juiced 10-18-2 .367 10 4-5-1 11 7
11.   Ignatius J. Rallies 10-18-2 .367 10 4-5-1 7 7
12.   Blonde Streaks 9-19-2 .333 11 3-6-1 2 9
13.   Whooping Zoidbergs 9-20-1 .317 11.5 5-4-1 4 2
14.   Lady Gaga Regatta 8-19-3 .317 11.5 2-6-2 9 2

Week 4 Games
AZ SnakePit vs. The Fighting Amish
Alabama Slammers vs. Lady Gaga Regatta
Blonde Streaks vs. Whooping Zoidbergs
Ignatius J. Rallies vs. Los Wailoracles
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Phoenix Platypi
Bad Wolf vs. Lil Bitches
Sofa King Juiced vs. warlords

Having held #1 contender for their top spot to a tie last week, Lil find themselves immediately facing a replacement, as Bad Wolf take over in second place and get their shot at picking off the leader. Jered Weaver has started the season 5-0 with a 1.23 ERA for Wolf, and anchors their rotation as the #2 player in the fantasy game to date. Lil will be looking to Votto (.395, 20 R) to maintain the form that has kept him in the fantasy top six.