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'Pit Your Wits: Week 3


The U.S.S. ‘Pit Your Wits rolls on, entering its third week of competition. Again, for those that missed the initial post, you  can read up on it here for a more thorough explanation of the contest. As Week 2 entailed a caption contest, it only makes sense to include a link to the picture before you hit the jump and read the top responses. Here's the pic, and hit the jump to see the winning captions, plus next week's contest. Gogogo!

Author error earlier - there were actually two captions tied for third. Diamondhacks took a bronze with the following, which garnered four recs:

Time Out!
This wretch knows nothing of his personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

jonny-yuma took home a bronze as well, with four recs:

Drew: "Diamond Club? Follow this here right field line…say, my bud J-Up plays in right field, heck of a guy…anyways, follow the right field line, hang a right at the foul pole…ya know, my brother J.D. once hung a homer around that very pole…like i was sayin, at the foul pole, go through the door, make a right, no, wait, a left, go up the stairs to the main concourse…tell the usher Debbie ‘ol Stevie sent ya, she’s a peach…anyhoo, now when ya get to the concourse, let’s see, which door is it on the left…I think it’s the second…say that reminds me, I was leadin off of second the other night and ‘ol Glenny Sherlock gives me this sign and I says to myself, `My word, now what…’

Tallet: "Never mind! I’ll find it myself!"


You go, uh, guys. Have some bronze e-medals.


* * *

Jim McLennan (he said if he took top three, I'd be able to escape the Writers' Dungeon for a few hours), took second with five recs for the following:

In an effort to draw crowds to Chase
Management introduced mixed-martial arts bouts between innings.

Please, take the silver. Then hit me up with the keypad code to escape this place, please.


* * *

Taking gold with six recs (that's all it took for first? Y'all be slackin'.) is AJf- er, no, JustAJ, who went all political on us: 

In a ploy to draw the more conservative demographic to the ballpark

during the seventh inning stretch, devout Christian Stephen Drew will wrestle illegal immigrants dressed in the opposing team’s uniforms.

Please, enjoy the gold, AJ. And congrats on your writing gig over at the Crimson Quarry.



Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating in Week 2's competition. I originally had a list of about six different competitions, but in my infinite wisdom, I trusted myself to just remember them instead of writing them down. Suffice to say they're all lost somewhere deep within my brain, and it's way too full of rap lyrics to be able to call upon. Whatever. Feel free to hit me up with ideas, otherwise I'll continue to think these up at 1:25AM the night before. I mean, no, it's not 1:25. Or anything

Total Points
luckycc 1 - - 3
JustAJ 1 - - 3
Diamondhacks - 1 1 3
Jim McLennan - 1 - 2
DbacksSkins - - 1 1
jonny-yuma - - 1 1


Hacks was the only repeat this week, with both Jim and AJ joining Skins and luckycc on the scoreboard. I expect to see moar submissions next week, especially with this week's being so simple to join... Now, here's the challenge for the week of April 21. To include those that aren't big fans of any sort of humor contests, I'm mixing it up a bit.

How many runs will the Diamondbacks score before the next week's PYW (one @ CIN, three @ NYM, three v PHI; avg 5.3/gm)? Closest wins (going over is allowed). Include the four runs scored in Thursday's game.

This week, submissions will only be taken until midnight tonight. Yes, this means you can submit after the game against Cincy, but where's the fun in that, huh? Where's the fun? That's what I thought. Ok, so maybe I forgot today was a day game. You guys are a bunch of haters, anyway.