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Gameday Thread #15: 4/19 at Reds


Armando Galarraga
RHP, 2-0, 6.75


Sam LeCure
RHP, 0-0, 2.25

Our nine-game homestand comes to an end as we head to Cincinnati and New York for three games apiece. We took 2 of 3 from the Reds when they were in our house two weeks ago, let's hope we can see some more of those 10- and 13-run outbursts! (Anybody with me on that?)

Insert your own clever pun about the Reds being the cure for the Diamondbacks' offensive woes here. Seriously, it's too obvious. Galarraga hopes to continue his luck of earning victories while being knocked around on the mound. Somebody posted on the @DbacksBooth twitter feed that they saw Aroldis Chapman throw that 106 MPH pitch yesterday. Dusty Baker says he only did so because he was on four days' rest. So let's see how low he'll go after pitching yesterday.

Check out Zavada's Mustache's series preview for interesting thoughts about the series.


  1. Kelly Johnson 2B
  2. Ryan Roberts 3B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Stephen Drew SS
  5. Chris Young CF
  6. Miguel Montero C
  7. Gerardo Parra LF
  8. Juan Miranda 1B
  9. Armando Galarraga P

I am a bit surprised to see Kelly still in the leadoff spot while mired in this slump of his. Mora and Miranda get starts today. Montero seems to be fine after taking one in "the Snyde" Sunday and gets moved back up to 6th in the order.

It's Tuesday so I believe Sprankton's on the recap this evening!