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SnakeSounds, 4/16 vs. Giants

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I got down 0-2, felt like I was a little rushed so called time out. After that he came set and stayed set, so that when I got back in the box he was ready to throw... When I get to first-base he was smiling, saying something as he was walking into the dugout, so I felt disrepected, said something back. That was all.
-- Ryan Roberts
So, I ended my birthday on the floor of an empty theater, on my hands and knees, scraping up packing peanuts. How was your evening? Looking at the D-backs box-score, probably not much better, as we failed to take advantage of 7.1 innings from the Giants 'pen, and we now can do no better than avoid the sweep tomorrow. Here's Kirk Gibson, Joe Saunders, Roberts, Xavier Nady and Sam Demel on the defeat.

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