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SnakeBytes 4/14: Ugly Edition

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Yesterday's game was rough. I'll admit, that's the sort of game I was dreading when we started opening day. I'm glad we have the day off to recover from that....


DBacks News:

Around Baseball:

  • [] AP source: MLB leans toward extra replay for 2012 - A long-standing debate among players, fans, and executives, we might see instant replay expand next year to help cover fair-or-foul balls or whether or not a catch was made. Still nothing on out calls or strikes and balls, though. I understand on pitches, because it'd make the game five hours long, but why not on an close play at first?

  • [Baseball Nation] Aroldis Chapman's Velocity Is Only Part Of The Problem - The Reds are going to shut down Chapman for a few days, and he seems to be losign speed on his pitches. "Chapman was his normal self early on, but something happened between April 9th and 10th that crippled his velocity, and it hasn't returned in subsequent games." Wait, between the 9th and 10th? When he was in Phoenix? Okay, maybe I'm starting to buy into this "pitching against the Diamondbacks" curse.

  • [Beyond the Box Score] The Definitive Sabermetric Guide to Managing - When it comes to the people who make decisions in baseball, the sabremetric campaign mainly seems to have made progress in the front office, not in the dugout. I wonder if part of that is because most managers seem to be former players.

  • [FanGraphs] Forbidden SB: The Tortured Logic of Unwritten Rules - The problem of unwritten rules- what do they mean? Don't steal with a big lead in the late innings? Well, what's a big lead? What if you don't trust your bullpen?

Okay, the month of hellish scheduling continues tomorrow when the- ugh- defending World Series champion Giants come to town. But, for now, let's just not think about yesterday. Go DBacks.