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SnakeBytes 4/11: Gadsden Edition

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Hey, St. Louis. The Cardinals are one of those franchises that I just don't have much sentiment towards, which is pretty weird given their long history. I mean, sure, they're a little annoying at times. But any team that Cubs fans spend so much time hating? They can't be all bad.

Series Previews:

DBacks News:
  • [FSN Arizona] Diamondbacks' energy back this season - This is the one thing I hope we can keep seeing through the year. I'm not expecting a playoff spot, I'm not expecting a winning season. But I will enjoy the next 150-some games a lot more if the team is giving their all.

  • [DBacks Venom] Jarrod Parker Struggles with Command in AA Debut - Jarrod Parker's first start after Tommy John surgery, and he had good velocity and movement, but had some control problems- an ugly line, including hitting two consecutive batters, one with the bases loaded. Well, it's early.

  • [Fox Sports] Beware early season fool's gold - Ken Rosenthal takes a look at teams who are off to a hot start and considers if they're real contenders or just pretenders. it's a sign of how he looks at the DBacks roster that he considers a 4-4 record to be a hot start, so don't be too surprised when he gives his evaluation of our chances...

  • [AZ Central] Arizona Diamondbacks look to stay aggressive - Some more talk about being aggressive on the bases, and some praise of Chris Young's awesome catch in the top of the ninth yesterday. At the start of the inning, I turned to mrssoco and said "I don't know if I can take it if we lose this game," and it CY's fantastic catch in the outfield was the moment I started to breath again and think we might get out of there with a win.

  • [SBN Arizona] The Fight Of The Arizona Diamondbacks: Why Grit Actually Matters In 2011 - SB Nation Arizona - "When manager Kirk Gibson has this team performing to the level he desires, the Diamondbacks will be a team that is enjoyable to watch on a consistent basis." Oh, lord, after the past two seasons, that's all I can ask for.

Around Baseball:

Go DBacks!