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SnakeBytes 4/10: Up and Down Edition

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Seriously, what a game that was. It may be a rough ride, but I will take a game like that over a game like Saturday any time.


I always enjoy going to games at the park, I learn things I never would have known otherwise. Like how much I disapprove of Jonny Gomes's facial hair or the way he spells his name. Also, that Willie Bloomquist was born in 1997.

DBacks News:
  • [AZ Central] Arizona Diamondbacks' Miguel Montero playing strong on right knee - This might be the year he plays over 85 games? Barring injury, I'd say he has to- no offense to Hector Henry Blanco, but I don't want to see him out there terribly often.

  • [] Branyan's single one for record books - Ah, yes, a mighty historical record, tracking back all the way to, um, 2008. Look, it's still cool that Russell got a hit off a 102 mph fastball, but let's not go too overboard here.

  • [East Valley Tribune:] No ace on the hill makes for slow summer - Look, pal, maybe if you want to be taken seriously, you won't tell me how the Diamondbacks broke camp with Brandon Webb in the rotation last season. And it's not like Edwin Jackson was a marquee name coming out of spring training. Yeah, I miss Haren. But I'm excited to see what Ian Kennedy and Dan Hudson can do for this team, and I'd go see Barry Enright pitch any day of the week. It's called looking to the future, maybe you should consider it.

Around Baseball:

Tomorrow, we continue our red scare as the Cardinals come into town. But, hey, let's just revel in this win a little bit longer, shall we?