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SnakeBytes 3/31: Impatient Edition

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Ah, opening day for most of baseball. I don't know about you, but I am not crazy about the idea that we only get games for a handful of teams. If I was commissioner, I'd have everyone start play on the same day. But there are plenty of things I'd do if I was commissioner, and Selig is still really cagy every time I ask if I can have job when he retires.

DBacks News:

You know what the Giants preview on MLB says? "Under the radar, Giants ready to defend title." Look, I know San Francisco likes to play up the martyr thing. I hate them for it. But being defending champs? That's about as far as you can get from being under the radar, without being the Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox. You won the World Series. You aren't going to catch anyone by surprise.

Around the NL West:

Around Baseball:

Get some rest, DBacks fans. Catch a few games if you get a chance- I'm listening to the Royals play the Angels right now, and cheering for Frenchy- but it's just killing time until the real thing starts for us tomorrow. 2011 kicks off in Denver for the DBacks. We may not have much optimism for the season, but there's 162 chances for the team to give us something we'll enjoy. Get ready to cheer, and go DBacks.