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SnakeBytes, 3/28: Final Countdown Edition

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Good news, everyone! We're almost to the start of baseball! Yes, those of you who have been sitting around waiting for games that actually matter now have Friday to look forward to. Though I didn't quite agree with this MLB headline: "The Opening Day Countdown Starts In Earnest." For many fans, that countdown starts in early October. If not earlier- I think some of us are already on a countdown to opening day 2012.

DBacks News:

I'd estimate that at least 20% of the people reading this post read the start in Professor Farnsworth's voice, while hearing Europe synthesizer opening play. If I can work in a Firefly reference, I'll have the "Cancelled By Fox" trifecta going.

Around the NL West:
  • [ESPN] Former Padres star Tony Gwynn returns after facing cancer - You know what turns my stomach more than seeing a those awful old San Diego uniforms? The idea that Tony Gwynn used to go through a can and a half of smokeless tobacco a day. Ugh. Still, this is a great article about what Gwynn faced in his fight with cancer. No pun intended.

  • [Denver Post] Krieger: It still adds up to 90 W's - Certainly an optimistic projection for the Rockies, but here's one prediction you can take to the bank: Tulowitzki will lead the league in Being Mocked by the Snakepit again this year. "When Tulo says he's trying to relate to his fan base among high school girls, he isn't kidding. Justin Bieber, welcome to Coors Field."
  • [ESPN] NL West preseason All-Star team - Their predictions have Diamondbacks taking three of the eleven spots. The Padres don't merit a mention, and the Dodgers only have Clayton Kershaw- not a lot of optimism about baseball in Southern California, I'd say.

  • [Yahoo Sports] Fan reaction: Benches clear in Dodgers game against Padres - Seriously, guys? Clearing the benches in spring training? And because you didn't like how much the catcher celebrated gunning down a stolen base attempt. Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.


Around Baseball: