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SnakeBytes, 3/23: Midweek Edition

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Stretching out the blogging muscles, getting ready for the season. I'm pretty confident I'll be making the roster this season- I don't think Jim has anywhere he can reassign me to, and my contract allows me to block any trades to other blogs.

DBacks News:

  • [] D-backs Barry Enright officially added to starting rotation - Gibby on Enright: "He's pitched great. He's done everything we've asked. He does everything well. He's earned a spot." And we're all pretty glad to see it. However, I'm somewhat confused at the reference in the article to how Enright could have ended up in Triple-A Fresno...

  • [AZ Central] Arizona Diamondbacks' Joe Saunders must step it up - At least, that's the impression you get from Gibson's comments. Saunders, though, doesn't seem to be thinking the same way, though. "I don't think that just because I haven't been announced in the starting rotation doesn't mean I'm not in the starting rotation," Saunders said. "I don't think it's anything to worry about." I'm sure answers like that aren't going to endear you to Gibson.

  • [FSN Arizona] Homework puts Young on path to success - CY improved his offensive performance last year- his second 25/25 season in the majors- and could we see even more progress this year? As someone who drafted him in fantasy baseball, I certainly hope so.

  • [DBacks Venom] Diamondbacks Spring Training - Roster and Injury Update, March 22 - A good rundown of who has been hurt and who is still fighting for a spot on opening day. Six position players for three potential spots- I'd be inclined towards Brandon Allen and Ryan Roberts for two of those, if I was making the roster.

Around Baseball

And with that, I'm off to catch some baseball- DBacks are making the trip all the way out to Surprise this afternoon, might as well head over and watch them play, right?