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SnakeBytes, 3/21: Spring Edition

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Did you miss me? I did, I know. Thanks very much to Snakecharmer for filling in on my vacation! But now that I'm back, it's about a week and a half away from Opening Day for the Diamondbacks (appropriately set for April Fool's Day) and it's time to kick SnakeBytes into high gear. Well, maybe about third gear, and we can use the downhill slope of March to- fine, the car metaphor isn't working. But, hey, it's finally spring! Hence the, uh, 50 degree temperatures, wind, and rain outside right now. Okay, bad example, let's just start with the links.

DBacks News:

More DBacks News:

Around Baseball:

Diamondbacks are set to play the Dodgers this evening at Salt River Fields, but since all of the afternoon Cactus League games were canceled for rain, it may just be an off-day for the team, and we'll face off against the Indians tomorrow.