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SnakeBytes, 2/28: In Play Edition

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So, the first couple many not have gone our way, but we've put together a few late-game rallies, and finally managed a win yesterday against the so-called "World Series champion" Giants yesterday. Meanwhile, we're playing the Rockies again this afternoon, the second of 291 times we'll face off in the next seven months. Down 5-2 at the moment, but we saw a good couple innings from Barry Enright, and maybe we can put together another rally. How about the team makes other teams dread the eighth and ninth innings this year? It's a thought.

DBacks News:

Another try for a rally today, but just short- down 6-2 going into the bottom of the eighth, they got two runs there and managed another in the ninth, but just couldn't tie it up. Well, we'll get 'em tomorrow- I mean that literally, we play the Rockies yet again tomorrow. But for variety's sake, we're the road team.

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