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SnakeBytes, 2/18: The Last Stretch

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A positive cornucopia of Diamondbacks' news today, to the extent that I didn't even need to go trawling for stories on the other teams. Man, it's good to be getting close to baseball again. Sunday is the Legends of Baseball game in Surprise, a week today is the first game of Cactus League action, and the day after that, Mrs. Snakepit and I will be at SRF@TS for the first ever game there

D-backs News

  • [SB Nation Arizona] Diamondbacks Camp Continues, Questions Remain - "After five days of camp now, guys are feeling sore which is to be expected according to Kirk Gibson. Tomorrow will be a light day for the pitchers with no throwing and of course that also gives the catchers a break as well. "
  • [] Gibson weighs lineup options - " I have no idea who's going to lead off and no idea who's going to hit third. . . . I'm not lying. We'll search for the right answer to that question."
  • [] Blanco steps into his role as leader - "I told him today, you're 'The King,'" Gibson said. It is not a title that Blanco is actively seeking. "I didn't come here to be a leader," Blanco said. "I came here to help this team whatever way I can to win games, and if I can help in the clubhouse, I will do it."

More D-backs News

  • [] - Notes from the first week of workouts - Nick gives his eye-witness opinion on who has looked good (or not) over the first few days of practice. Lots of interesting stuff here.
  • [] Parker still rehabbing leg, but arm feels fine - "When he underwent Tommy John surgery in 2009, Jarrod Parker knew he would have to rehab his right elbow. What he's learned some 15 months later is that recovering from the procedure to remove the tendon from his left hamstring that the surgeon used to repair the elbow would take longer."
  • [] Gibson and Co. look to lead Diamondbacks out of cellar - "We've got All-Stars on our coaching staff that probably could still be playing," Enright says. "I mean, you look at EY (Eric Young), and he's in better shape than the rest of us. They get your attention in a hurry."
  • [TriValley Central] Ace up D-backs' sleeve? - Parker acknowledges he had some doubts about his future. "That thought’s there," he said, "but I put 110 percent into the rehab effort and the medical staff did an amazing job. ... It’s such a successful surgery now. It’s not as big a worry as there used to be.

Even more D-backs News

  • [FoxSportsArizona] D-backs to broadcast 18 Cactus League games - "The D-backs will also debut their "Webcast Wednesdays" this spring by airing broadcasts for free on each Wednesday throughout the month of March. Schulte, Candiotti, Munn and Fetters will call the action on the Internet. " Ssh... D'you think my boss will notice?
  • [The D-blog[ Friday Interviews at Salt River Fields - "In our continuing quest to bring you as much information as possible on the D-blog, here are some interviews conducted by D-backs Insider writer Greg Dillard at D-backs workouts on Friday." Not able to listen to these, but they're with Miggy (always a blast to hear), Dan Hudson and Cap'n Kirk.
  • [Chicago Sun-Times] Desert blooms - Former Chicago Heights resident David Dunne, 52, is general manager of Salt River Fields. "When I started at Hohokam, that design was state of the art," he said. "The bar just keeps being raised by every new facility." I believe early plans for the Cubs' new stadium apparently show it being made of solid gold, on a foundation of crushed rubies.
  • [] Greg Robinson Spring Training Blog: First day in Phoenix - "Today is my first whole day in Phoenix and I have to say, I am amazed at the scenery here. I know it’s gettin’ warm in back in Ohio, but you can’t beat 80 and sunny. For most of the day, I sat around and rested. Jake Hale is a teammate that I followed out here. He and I ate at Applebees for lunch today." Ah, the glamorous life of a 32nd-round draft pick. :-) But this looks like it could be fun to read.