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SnakeBytes, 2/14: Spring Training! Edition

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Sure, sure, Valentine's Day, whatever, but let's focus on the important love today- baseball! First practices from our boys in Sedona red! Supersized editions of SnakeBytes with a whole slew of links! I mean, you guys do love those, right? Because I decided that'd be easier than mailing you all Batman valentines.

Diamondbacks News:

Sorry if you wanted that Batman valentine, but, well, postage gets expensive, my hand cramped up signing all the cards, and I couldn't get most of your addresses.

Around the NL West:
  • [Sign on San Diego] Six questions the Padres hope to answer this spring - Wait, no, okay, the Padres need to replace leadership? Not 31 home runs, a .298 batting average, and a 152 OPS+, but frakking leadership? Uh, anyone else feel like San Diegans have just gone delusional this off-season? I mean, I'll let them have that, because it's just cruel and potentially dangerous to interrupt a hallucination like that, but wow.

  • [San Jose Mercury News] Giants 'torture' gives way to 'hysteria' - I'm calling it! The Giants are back to being my least favorite team in the division. And only a small fraction of that is due to already being tired of hearing about Brian Wilson's beard. (Is "Magic" the brand of marker he uses to color in his beard? Okay, that only makes sense if you've seen the ad I'm talking about.)

  • [] Behind the scenes at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick - The shared complex with the Rockies seems to be getting a lot of attention so far, and pretty much all the reviews are enthusiastic. (Except for Tim Lincecum, who accused the joint facility of flagrant false advertising.) Anyone been out to see the new area? I'm going to try to catch some practices this week, I'm very excited about it.

  • [LA Times] T.J. Simers: Many things still aren't clear about Frank McCourt. - I find it interesting that when I was looking for articles on the rest of the teams in the NL West, I found articles about Spring Training starting up for each of them pretty easily. For the Dodgers? An column about cash-strapped Frank McCourt going to the Super Bowl. I think that says something about where the focus seems to be for the Dodgers so far, and it sure isn't on the field.

Around Baseball:

Baseball, people!