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Diamondbacks Re-Sign Lyle Overbay

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Jon Heyman Tweets, "Lyle Overbay in agreement with #Dbacks for $1 mil, 1 yr deal".He'll act as a platoon back-up to Paul Goldschmidt at first-base. The 34-year-old Overbay hit .234/.310/.360 in 121 games and 440 PAs, between Pittsburgh and Arizona last year - that's an overall OPS of 85. It's hardly a bank-breaker, but he should likely be okay if kept away from left-handed pitching. Overbay's OPS is 119 points better (.823/.704) against RHP in his career.

The signing appears to complete the Diamondbacks' 2012 Opening Day roster as far as position players go, assuming Drew recovers from his ailments in time for next season. Starters would be: Montero, Goldschmidt, Hill, Drew, Roberts, Parra, Young and Upton, with a bench of Blanco, Bloomquist, Blum, McDonald and Overbay. Of course, Kevin Towers might always have something up his sleeve as a Christmas surprise...