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SnakeBytes, 12/31: At The Closing Of The Year

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The last day of 2011, and I think we can all agree it was a pretty good one for D-backs fans. We'll get into that side of thing ourselves once the calendar has changed, but there a few other retrospectives to be found, in what has generally been a very quiet week for Diamondbacks news.

Looking back:

Looking forward (or sideways...or whatever!)

Around the NL West

  • Giants: Twitter / @beisbolporgotas - "Yusmeiro Petit, a 27-year old former #Marlins, #Dbacks RHP, signs a minor league deal with #SFGiants: several sources from his native Vzla" He's likely a better bet than their current $19 million #5 starter. Bwahahahahaha...
  • Dodgers: [Forbes] Ruling By Judge Could Reduce Sale Price Of Dodgers By $300 Million - "Even at the reduced price all of the creditors would get paid fully (estimate need of about $900 million). But after paying his lawyers, taxes and ex-wife Jamie a $130 million settlement, McCourt would likely be left with nothing" In other words, just like Dodgers fans for the last 22 seasons. Bwahahahahaha...
  • Padres: "The Padres' financial well-being remains a question that troubles some in ownership. Some believe former owner John Moores might wind up back in control if Jeff Moorad can't meet his financial obligations." Bwahahahahaha...
  • Rockies: [] Rockies hope additions mesh well with core - "I don't think anybody we bring in from the outside is going to change our culture, our environment," O'Dowd said.

    Bwahahahahaha... [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]