Tucson Padres Won't Move to Escondido; Moorad Likely to Sell Team


Yesterday the California Supreme Court handed down a decision confirming the California Legislature's right to dissolve the redevelopment agencies of the state. Redevelopment was one of the prime funding mechanisms used by cities to build stadiums, and the end of redevelopment money means virtually any public stadium going forward is dead. What does this mean for the Tucson Padres? Well, without the redevelopment money the city of Escondido doesn't have the funds to undergo the project that would move the Tucson AAA team. Moorad and the Padres only bought the then Portland Beavers with the ultimate goal of moving them close to the parent club. With Escondido out of the picture, the Padres have little desire to hold the team and might look to sell. Unfortunately right now El Paso seems to be the front-runner to land the AAA team, but if Moorad sells then that opens the door for an Arizona ownership group to keep the Padres in Tucson. It's still to early to really know what's going to happen, but we definitely know the Tucson Padres won't be moving to California unless redevelopment money is back on the table. We'll likely know more in the months to come.