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Snake Bytes: Ten Years Plus One Day Edition

Our celebration of 2001 may be over, but Fox Sports Arizona will be replaying the 2001 World Series victory parade on Monday - a decade to the day after it happened - at 7:00 pm. That's just the start of the month; if you're pining for the D-backs, they will also be screening their choice of 10 D-backs telecasts we're most thankful forin November, beginning at 5pm on Tuesday. That will be Ian Kennedy's post-fatherhood shutout, and they work up to a Thanksgiving banquet of four games, glazed with a lovely honey-baked coating. Or at least, they will be in Snakepit Towers, anyway...

See the end of the piece for more baseball you can watch!

D-backs going elsewhere department

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And speaking of the Arizona Fall League, D-backs Charles Brewer and Kevin Munson will be among those taking part in the AFL Rising Stars game. Better yet, it's being televised on the MLB Network, live from Surprise (Surprise!), starting at 5pm tonight. See? Told you there's still baseball...