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OT Sunday: Thanksgiving

Woo-hoo! Ten days off work, and I'll be gnawing my way both through the unwatched movie pile and a honey-baked ham. Thanksgiving always has a certain resonance for me, as it was at this time of year in 2000 that I permanently moved to America, just like the Pilgrim Fathers did. So I like to commemorate the occasion by going up to Fort McDowell and handing out smallpox-infected blankets. It's become a kind of tradition. Other topics for discussion:

  • Thanksgiving dinner: do you have the usual turkey? Or do you buy a new one, hohoho? If not, what's on the menu? And what's your favorite element: stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes?
  • Will you be at home? Traveling locally? Or venturing further afield?
  • Plans for the remainder of the day? [Sleeping and groaning gently are taken as read]
  • Are you working the rest of the week?
  • And most importantly: what will you be thankful for?