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It's Over: Diamondbacks Lose Decider 3-2, Exit NLDS To Brewers

Well, it was a suitably epic conclusion to an epic series, with no more than one run separating the teams for the entire game. Both starting pitchers were excellent, but Yovanni Gallardo's mastery of the D-backs proved fractionally greater than Ian Kennedy. The Diamondbacks couldn't quite capitalize on their chances, despite forcing a tie in the top of the ninth - and so it ends. 'charmer will be along with the recap, as soon as she finishes sobbing into her kitten, but feel free to chat here for now. Me, I stand by my comment in the first GDT

If there's one thing I know, it's that these Diamondbacks will not quit until the very last out of the very last game. Whatever happens, it has still been a fabulous season for the team, and a privilege to be a fan.