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SnakeSounds, 10/6: Jarrod Parker, CY and Willie B Head To Battle

After a highly-impressive start to his major-league career, Jarrod Parker's post-season debut was highly-anticipated by Diamondbacks. Unfortunately, it proved a short-lived appearance, as he retired only one of the four batters faced, being charged with a run, after leaving with the bases-loaded and one out. There will, we're certain, be much longer, better to come - possibly as soon as tomorrow, in the crucial Game 5 against the Brewers in Milwaukee. Before leaving for the airport today, Jarrod spoke to SB Nation Arizona's Seth Pollack, who was kind enough to pass the audio on to the 'Pit. There's also audio clippage from Chris Young and Willie Bloomquist.

Obviously, it didn't go the way you wanted it to yesterday. What are your thoughts?
I got a little bit quick from the stretch, was cutting some pitches off, not really getting ahead, not being able to make some good pitches. But you know, one good bounce my way, and I guess it's a completely different inning. In the end, we won, and that's all that matters.

That first hit was kinda a bloop, a crazy hit. Did that affect what came next?
No, I made a pitch, he attempted to bunt, then like I said, I got a little bit quick, and was not getting back and getting through the ball.

Pitching out of the 'pen, was that different for you?
Not really. I was loose, I was ready. It is just a little bit different, different vibe, but at the same time, you just need to slow it down a little bit, and it'll work out.

Gibby said that that experience yesterday will benefit you moving forward. Do you agree with that?
Yeah, definitely. It sometimes takes some rocky stuff to learn from. I definitely learned from it, just need to slow it down next time, and I will.

Will that be your role in the bullpen, a middle-innings guy?
I don't really have a role yet. We haven't talked about any of that - your guess is as good as mine!

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