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Gameday Thread, NLDS #2: 10/2 vs. Brewers


Daniel Hudson
RHP, 0-0, N/A


Zack Greinke
RHP, 0-0, N/A

Guess we're coming from behind in this one as well. A disappointing start to the Division Series, with Ian Kennedy not as sharp as hoped, and the offense barely showing up, outside of Willie Bloomquist and Ryan Roberts. "Must try harder" would be the Diamondbacks report card for yesterday's contest. We faced the always-tricky Greinke, but he's appearing on short rest again, so will that affect his performance? Can Hudson get through the minefield of the first without giving up runs? And are Arizona capable of getting through a game without any outs on the basepaths? That's what we'll find out...

  1. Willie Bloomquist SS
  2. Aaron Hill 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Miguel Montero C
  5. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  6. Chris Young CF
  7. Ryan Roberts 3B
  8. Gerardo Parra LF
  9. Daniel Hudson RHP

Brewers' line-up is the same as last time, our only change is Goldschmidt getting to start at 1B instead of Overbay. ZM has already previewed this one, so we know what to expect. It ain't going to be easy - but when is anything about this team ever easy? [honorable exception: J.J. Putz in the ninth] I will note, however, that it doesn't appear the Brewers sold out their post-season opener yesterday. The attendance yesterday was 44,122, almost two thousand less than they had for Opening Day at Miller Park against the Braves.

I'll be a little late to the thread for this one, as I have some stuff to take care of, but it should hopefully just be missing the first-inning zero thrown up by Daniel Hudson. Sure you'll keep the thread warm without me.